Thursday, June 21, 2012

for the love of food

What makes friends better than good food? When my grandmother was a teenager, she worked in Paris as a nanny for a wealthy family. On their day off, my grandmother and her best friend, conspired to make the best spaghetti after exploring their wonderful city. Here is the recipe they created although the portion size was probably a little smaller and their French a little better.

1 large pot
3.5 pounds of ground beef
2 packages of sliced mushrooms
1 can of tomato soup (usually I use Campbell’s although I’m pretty my grandma used tomatoes she grew in her garden)
1 can of tomato paste (this usually comes in a really small can usually Contadina 6oz)
1 can of diced tomatoes
Dried basil, oregano, pepper, and salt
4oz-8oz of your favorite red wine
Canola Oil
Angel hair pasta
Optional- diced onions
             - parmesan cheese
-Empty ground beef into pan, and put it on medium heat. Use a wooden spoon to break up the meat rotating what is on the bottom of the pan so that none of the meat burns.

-When the majority of the meat has turned a light brown (still a little pink left), break the mushroom slices into bite sided pieces and stir them into the mixture in the pan.

-Optional- Here’s your chance to add the diced onions if you want to add a little extra spice. (This was in the original recipe, but if some people are allergic you can take it out)

-Next add the tomato soup, diced tomatoes, and the tomato paste stirring until you have an even mixture.
-Add dried basil, oregano, pepper, and salt to taste. Usually only a pinch of salt is required.

-After you have achieved the mixture of spices you desire, change the stove temperature to low, cooking it until about half of the excessive liquid from the beef and cans of tomato products is gone.

-Finally add the 4oz of wine and taste the sauce after it re-gains a less soupy consistency. Add up to an additional 4oz being careful not to overpower the spices.

Boil water adding a drop of canola oil so that the noodles won’t stick together.
Empty box of noodles into boiling water.

Top with parmesan if you so desire.
Pour l'amour de la nourriture,

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