Monday, June 18, 2012

for the love of the game

there's something about a soccer game that gets me going. is it the adrenaline rush that you get when the team you're rooting for makes that picture perfect goal? or is it that instantaneous camaraderie that is bolstered while sitting with a fellow countryman and sharing the agony and ecstasy of the nail-biting game? this is what watching the euro 2012 championship does to me, an all too similar reaction that was triggered two years ago during my travels to france and england during the world cup. that was where my love for the Spanish team grew. la roja. the red one. yet, why doesn't america cherish this sport as much as the europeans? sure there's basketball games and football games with diehard fans here, but soccer falls short too often. la furia roja. the red fury. with their nike-winged cleats, and perfectly sculpted bodies, players like pique, villa, ramos, torres, fabregas, and xavi are the demi-gods to my summer musings. what of all this? many it's just another sign that i'm living in the wrong corner of the world. vamos.


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