Friday, June 22, 2012

for the love of work

it's my third week working at the lacma and although there are ups and downs of being an intern, i love being an insider at a well-known institution. sure the lacma isn't as prestigious as the guggenheim or the moma in new york city, but i can already tell that we're working our way up to that point.
one of my favorite things about working at a museum is that i get to explore all the exhibits and galleries all to myself. with NO ONE around. i love taking breaks from compiling budget invoices and spending my time in the modern art wing of the ahmanson building (above).

it coolest thing is how much i can apply what i learned in architecture school to art at the lacma. as i learned in school, the idea that architecture=art and art=architecture can be very debatable. however, no matter which way you sway, they do coexist & maintain a symbiotic relationship...

super cool finding #1:  the new resnik pavilion / lacma west was designed by renzo piano. celebrity architect, but meh not my favorite

super cool finding #2: i can't get over how cool this is!!!!! (note the # of exclamation points). peter ZUMTHOR will be designing the future additions to the lacma. one of the major gods of architecture, probably stands extremely close to frank lloyd wright in the architecture hierarchy. plus it's his first commission in the united states, and it's going to be in LA!

super cool finding #3: next year there's going to be a james TURRELL exhibition / installation(s)!!!! yikes. i loved learning about him in my architecture theory based classes at school. he's known for the roden crater, ganzfeld effect, and distortions to depth perception though minimalistic views.

and finally the 'rock' as i like to call along with my co-workers, aka Levitated Mass, is opening on sunday! super cool idea of space and what the idea of space defines. can't wait!! i'll be posting more photos soon.


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