Monday, August 20, 2012

as of lately

i had an amazing time last week in new york city. i didn't think it was possible to fall in love with a city thrice but yeah it just happened. every ounce of me yearns to live in the city, and i do believe that this trip confirmed my decision to move as soon as i graduate. i've always thought that i was born in the wrong state--i mean i hate the beach and the extreme sun, so what am i doing in california. i'm constantly kept on my toes in nyc and what i've come to love more than anything is the sound of the approaching subway. the clicks the clacks, the frightful rush, the sudden screech, and the release of a blur of faces. i trust that i can find love in nyc whether it be the attitude of the city itself or from another who shares my love of it.

a few of my favorite pictures from my travels to the big apple...of my eye :)


(photo cred: iphone 4s)

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