Tuesday, August 7, 2012

for the love of curiosity

     Every week I work at least three days a week at the mall. I interact with so many different kinds of people. Wandering a mall in my small town you would think that nearly everyone lived within thirty miles of the mall, but if it’s your job to interact with them, then you learn that there are people on vacation from Michigan and Wisconsin and even a thriving Korean-speaking community. Of all the hundreds of people I see every day, the little ones that peep at me from behind things are the most intriguing. They want to see what piece of art work I’m working on next or what media I’m working with. We don’t even know each other, but with a few words we can start talking about anything. Who knows where conversations will go with little kids? We are naturally curious creatures. But maybe it’s not a bad way to live? Did you know that finger monkeys existed?

They are so impossibly cute!!! What else could be discovered with a little curiousity?



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