Wednesday, June 27, 2012

for the love of korean dramas?? (i have a confession)

those who know me well would say that i am not very 'korean' or 'asian' in regards to my personality. i never really felt connected to my korean heritage. i never visited the country, never had korean friends growing up, and never fully understood the language. yet recently, i've been extremely connect to my heritage....and as much as i thought i would never say this...i think, think, think it's because of my new addiction to korean dramas. with gossip girl, greys anatomy, and all my favorite tv shows complete for the season, boredom got the better of me and forced me to wander into this new world of ever complex love triangles, sudden car accidents/illnesses, and the cheesy endings to a complicated love story. katie, whom more often than not seems more asian than me, has been watching some of these shows (above: big, rooftop prince, & coffee prince) with me. thank goodness for subtitles. 
summer boredom has proven to be a positive influence for once! 


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